Krackle Killers Socket Cleaners – 5 Pack


Krackle Killers Socket Cleaners – 5 Pack

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 Krackle Killers™ Socket Cleaners – 5 Pack

Krackle Killers™ (in combination with quality electronic contact cleaning fluid) thoroughly clean the sockets of electric musical instruments (guitars, basses, keyboards, etc.) and any related equipment – amplifiers, effect units and sound mixers and much more – in fact, anything that uses ¼” diameter connection sockets.

Simply moisten a Krackle Killers™ plug with quality electronic contact cleaning fluid and insert it in the socket to be cleaned. Repeat the process as necessary to remove corrosion and grime from your connection.

Depending on how many sockets you need to clean, a packet of five Krackle Killers™ should provide you with enough cleaning plugs to clear the inevitable crud from your instruments and equipment. Simply replace them once the plugs are visibly discolored – it means they’ve been doing their job of clearing the grime and corrosion that’s been robbing you of a clear, crisp signal. 

If you need large quantities of Krackle Killers™, please contact us for details of volume shipments. 

* Note: DO NOT attempt to clean sockets until all devices have been disconnected from mains power.
Gently does it: DO NOT exert sideways or rotational force on a Krackle Killers™ plug when inserted in an instrument or other equipment. Doing so could result in a broken Krackle Killers™ plug and therefore a blocked connection socket. 

Silence The Static – Hear Nothing But The Music!

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