Take the “Krackle” out of your musical instrument, effects pedal, amplifier or recording equipment!

Krackle Killers™ Audio Socket Cleaning Plugs

We’ve all experienced it. You plug into your beloved instrument, effects pedal, amplifier or piece of recording equipment and then, with the slightest movement, you hear… …crackle! Crackle! Crackle! Or worse yet… …nothing.

Why? It’s because grime or corrosion has built up on the contact surfaces of the plug socket, robbing you of the clean, clear signal that you rely on to make your musical magic.

Worse still, the socket might be intermittently faulty – one minute working fine, then the next dropping signal on a random basis, interrupting your performance or recording in a way that reflects poorly on you – through no fault of your own.

All it takes is a small amount of grime or corrosion to settle on the connectors and it’s say hello to irritating crackle (or, for that matter, sometimes no signal at all)! But how can you be sure you’ve effectively cleaned inside the confines of your equipment’s ¼ inch phono sockets?

Enter Krackle Killers™ – cost-effective, purpose-built cleaner plugs for ¼” audio and musical instrument sockets.

Here’s a video where we demonstrate how Krackle Killers work:

So, what are you waiting for? Click here http://kracklekillers.com/shop or use the “Shop” link above to order your Krackle Killers™ cleaning plugs today!

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