Krackle Killers were invented by David Benham – a long-time guitarist, bass player and  sometime instrument repairer who, after spending decades looking for a simple way to remove the “crud” that accumulates on the contact surfaces of 1/4″ jack sockets (as used in virtually all electric guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects units and sound desks), had a fiendishly clever idea…

David had tried every conventional method for cleaning these sockets, but for one reason or other, each of them was unsatisfactory. They all either damaged the socket themselves, were cumbersome to perform or largely ineffective.

So, he hit on the idea of designing absorbent, non-abrasive plugs that exactly matched the dimensions of a 1/4″ jack and could, in combination with quality contact cleaning fluid, be used to “clear out the krackle” safely and effectively.

After much refinement and a looooong search for a manufacturer who could meet the necessary high quality standard, Krackle  Killers were born.