How Krackle Killers Work

How Krackle Killers™ Work

“Socket” to the static! 

Open plug sockets allow dirt and corrosion to enter your instrument, amplifier or effects unit. This is especially so in the case of equipment fitted with an exhaust fan (it effectively turns the unit into a vacuum cleaner, sucking crud into the equipment, which settles on connector contacts).

What’s the solution? Well, you could leave a cable permanently plugged into the instrument/amp/effects unit (obviously a very poor idea for any instrument or effects unit with battery-powered active electronics), but that’s generally neither practical nor, in fact, at all effective in terms of reducing corrosion.

Introducing Krackle Killers™ – an effective, non-abrasive method for keeping your connectors clean and free of noise-producing corrosion.

Simply take a Krackle Killers™ plug, wet it with quality electronic contact-cleaning fluid and insert it in the socket to be cleaned. Taking care not to exert lateral or rotational force on the  plug (you wouldn’t want to snap it off in the socket – that’d be disastrous!), insert and remove it until the grime or corrosion’s been cleaned away.

Naturally, though, there are some things Krackle Killers™ just can’t fix – for example, if the socket has been badly physically damaged through long, careless use – or if it’s literally been many decades since it was last cleaned. In such cases we can’t promise that Krackle Killers™ will bring the socket back to “as new” condition.

I mean – hey! Krackle Killers™ are very very good for keeping your sockets spic and span, but you can’t expect miracles, right?